A very Good Afternoon to u all!!
Distinguished guests, media personals and my dear friends!

First of all I would like to start with the announcement of our new name Vidhya Sanskar School Kathamandu, an undertaking of Chelsea International academy.

On this special occasion I welcome you all here on this very special day. Today is a new day for us, A day when we are stepping into the new segment of our journey. We have completed a decade of excellence and achievement.
Chelsea was born in the year 2005 with a vision of contributing something special in the education sector. We team as a whole worked day and night leaving no stone unturned and reached a height where it is recognized and appreciated by all.

During these ten years we had many ups and downs most probably due to the political scenario and the changing policies of the government. These circumstances made us struggle but as we say blessings in disguise we became stronger and confident to move further,

Regarding the policies of the government on the name change of the schools with English names, we were also not left apart. It was a kind of difficult to cope up in the beginning but later we took it positively and moved forward to change its name to Vidhya Sanskar School Kathmandu.

This step of ours has helped us flourish further with more expansion in our hand. In this expansion process, not to forget management remaining the same, now onwards Chelsea International academy Pvt. Ltd will remain as a Patron under which we now have Chelsea International Academy GCE A Level College affiliated to Cambridge University, Vidhya Sanskar School Kathmandu from preschool to class 10 with +2 proposed, and we even have proposed BBA/MBA program under the name Vedanta College.

With this I conclude welcoming you all here once again in the Renaming ceremony of Chelsea International Academy to Vidhya Sanskar School Kathmandu.

We hope for more cooperation from u all in the days to come.
Thank u have a nice day!!!

Pramita Bista (Khadka)
Managing Director

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