Chelsea International Academy, from its very first date of inception, has been focusing on student – centered education. The academy offers globally recognized curriculum with excellent facilities and the best set of faculties. Students interested in joining this program apply immediately after SLC examinations. Students can also begin the two year Advanced Level course of Cambridge International Examination (CIE) after completing O-Level or any equivalent program.


This school is affiliated with Cambridge University International Examination of the United Kingdom. CIE offers international courses, examinations and qualifications to students all over the world. A Level, as its name indicates, is an advanced international degree designed for academically inclined students; its courses prepare them for higher education anywhere in the world.


Why CIE A-Levels:


  1. Flexibility : The structure of the A Level course allows students considerable flexibility in designing a stimulating program of study. Students have the options of choosing either A Level or AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level courses in order to fulfill the Level requirements. Students choose the length and depth of study which matches their interests.
  2. Rigor : Demanding and stretchable courses for students. Students can also take a heavy course load for an additional challenge.
  3. International Standards :The program sets a standard education around the world.
  4. Recognition : An A Level degree is recognized by countries across the globe as meeting their requirements for entry into higher education.

College Counseling

college counsellingStudent of this school receive support in applying to college from the school/college counselor. Information about colleges is readily available and students benefit from getting advice tailored to their interests and abilities. Students are encouraged to do their own research and find colleges that match their social and academic interest as well as their economic needs.


Extra and co-curricular Activities

Extra and co-curricular ActivitiesA-Level students are expected to spend the whole day at VSS. Students have several free classes during the day, when they are expected to do individual as well as group work and research. Students generally pursue several extra-curricular activities from the long list of opportunities offered by the school or organized by students themselves. It has been organizing various extra curricular activities in and outside the school campus.


Few records of ECA at Chelsea International Academy

Chelsea is fully aware of its social responsibility and has therefore organized various programs. Some of them are:

  1. National Symposium on Peace and Civic Socialization
  2. Symposium on Vision for 21st Century
  3. Social Service Club of CIA conducted a program Spread a Smile
  4. AS Student Sabina Khadka won the title Miss Aryan Beauty Pageant
  5. Eliz Parajuli of AS Level was selected as one of the top five winners in the Poetry Slam QC Awards organized by the US Embassy in collaboration with Quixote’s Cove: the book shop.
  6. Students of this school participated in College Theatre Festival organized by Pathsala Group at Gurukul
  7. Chelsea Exhibition and Audio CD Release
  8. Breast Cancer Screening Mobile Camp
  9. Symposium on “Peace, Security, Diaspora and Development Issues Ahead for Nepal” by Dr. Tuna Bloie (University of Tromso, Norway).
  10. Symposium on Globalization in Education: A Look into the Prospects and Potentials of A-Level Course in Nepal.
  11. A Talk Program on Mediation Sharing by Prof. Johan Galtung, Ph. D.
  12. A One Day Symposium on the Contemporary Issues of Education
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