Co-Curricular Activities

This institution encourages the students to involve in co-curricular activities inside and outside the school campus. Students have been participating in different clubs like Social Service Club, Environment Club, Drama and Debating Club, Journalism Club, Art Club, Cultural Club, etc. Student Council provides opportunity to develop leadership skills. It has been focusing in bringing out the hidden talents of students. Intra and inter College competitions are conducted to enhance their competitive performances and group interactions among different communities.






The institution has well-equipped, adequately furnished laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer separately. Students who are not interested in computer science are also encouraged to get the basic idea about computers.




It has a spacious and resourceful library in different building providing sufficient number of books in each subject. Students have freedom of consulting various reference books along with subject related journals and magazines.

Library Resources : 
In addition to existing library, which has a sufficient collection of all required books, reference materials, technical journals, news papers and magazines. It maintains a Digital Library Online System (DLOS) which provides direct access to many web based reference sources. The DOLS can be accessed through all the computers in the Internet Zone with high speed broadband internet connection.


Computer Lab

computer-labEquipped with the state-of-art machines, the computer laboratory provides students with access to the latest software and hardware. The student works on regular courses prescribed by the University Curriculum. Students who are enrolled in Computer Science subject can practice in different computer lab which is meant for academic purpose. Other students can us computer in different computer lab which is Internet Zone and consists 32 computers. Students have internet facility inside the internet zone


Sports and Recreation





The students in chelsea are encouraged to participate in sports, both indoor and outdoor, and recreation activities and make use of the facilities that the this school has offered for this purpose. It has a basketball court built at 3200 sq. ft. It has also offered a football ground at the junior block.


Canteen and Dinning Area


canteenThe spaciouse cafeteria offers a wide selection of healthy and hygeienic snacks, soft drinks and meals throughout the day at reasonable rates. College section has tow canteen in separate building.

It provides lunch to senior as well as junior students. The senior students are provided with full fledged lunch as an additional benefit. The senior students have their lunch in the canteen. Similarly a separate kitchen and dining is available for junior section. The junior students enjoy three meals per day. They are provided with well cooked breakfast, lunch and snacks. A well experienced cook, cooks the food in a clean and hygienic kitchen at the junior block itself.


Guidance Counseling and Welfare

The career advisory service offers help in developing higher education skills as well as counseling service to students preparing higher studies within the country and abroad. The service is open to student for the entire period, while studying at this school and even beyond.

Personal Care

Every Student is assigned a tutor, who maintains regular contacts with students to ensure that things are doing well. The student support services offer help and advice to students on range of problems from personal or emotional worries to practical problem.

Accommodation and Transportation

This school also offers accommodation and transportation facilities to its students. It has made arrangements with few self-catering accommodation, which can be shared by groups of students.


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